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Selling cheap price coagulants

Coagulants are chemicals that are needed to help the process of settling small particles that cannot settle by themselves. Turbidity and color can be removed through the addition of coagulants. The principle used for chemical treatment of liquid waste is to add chemicals (coagulants) that can bind pollutants in the wastewater, then separate them (precipitate or float). Turbidity in wastewater can be eliminated through the addition or application of a type of chemical called a coagulant.

The coagulation process is carried out by mixing chemicals as coagulants in the waste which are then subjected to rapid stirring so that they are mixed. When these conditions precipitate, these particles can be filtered or discarded. Based on the basic ingredients of coagulants can be divided into two types, namely:
1. Organic coagulants: Polyamines, Polydadmacs, Dicyandiamide Resins
2. Inorganic coagulants: Aluminum Sulphate, Poly Aluminum chloride (PAC), Ferric Sulphate, Ferric Chloride
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