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Aquakeeper Hydrogel For Chili Plant
Aquakeeper Hydrogel For Chili Plant
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30 Dec 2019
United States
25 Liter

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Aquakeeper Hydrogel For Chili Plant


AQUAKEEPER is a product of super absorbent anionic polyacrylamide polymers. This product is a crosslinked copolymers of acrylamide and potassium acrylate.
AQUAKEEPER is a water-retaining fluid that can synergize with the land use or other media as well as fertilizers, absorbing and memyimpan of water and nutrient in large numbers. Unlike other products, the AQUAKEEPER is not soluble in water but he just absorbs and releases water and nutrient are proportionally at the time needed by plants, thus the plant will always have water and nutrient supply at any time because the AQUAKEEPER function to absorb and release (absorption-release cycles).
AQUAKEEPER optimizes plant growth by reducing the loss of water and nutrient through leaching and evaporation. Water and nutrient stored around the roots so it can optimize the absorption by the plant.

v. Ensure availability of water throughout the year.
v Reducing the loss of water and nutrient leaching, caused by evaporation, and also reduce the frequency of watering and water consumption.
v improve the physical properties of the compact soils by forming a good ventilation.
v Improve plant growth due to nutrient and water is always available around the plant so as to optimize the absorption by the roots.
v reduce the mortality figures.
v reducing the environmental pollution from erosion and pollution of groundwater.

AQUAKEEPER is a polymer that can be unraveled through decomposition by mikrobia so this product is very safe to use. This polymer is sensitive to direct sunlight which will break the chains of polymernya and break down into some of the oligomer.
AQUAKEEPER will break down naturally in the soil into CO2, H2O and nitrogen components.
Please can dimengeti that the, AQUAKEEPER can not replace water but mengoptimalkannya through the use of more efficient.

AQUAKEEPER can be applied with a dry form or after dipre-hydration (soaked in water). On pre-hydration of dry polymer will absorb water as much as 200 times more or less weight for more or less 1 hour ago applied as usual. For the application of dry, direct product used without soaked first. Once applied and then smothered in water so that the water-absorbing polymer. Here we can mix it with fertilizers and planting medium (compost, peat moss or other media).
Application of dry (Dry application)
AQUAKEEPER sprinkled evenly on the ground has been prepared for planting to a depth of 10 to 30 cm. this method guarantees long-term profits. After the polymer absorbs water, the structure of the soil will be getting better and the ability of the soil to hold water (water retention capacity) will go up.
Application of wet (pre-hydrated)
The first AQUAKEEPER tama should be soaked in water as much as 100-200 times the weight of the polymer and leave for 1 hour until it is saturated and then sown into the ground, then covered with soil so that the polymer is not damaged due to direct contact with the ultra violet rays.
The recommended dose is 5-20 kg/ha.

v Nurseries (Nursery)
v Planting (Plantation)
v mixed with fertilizers (Mixed with fertilizers)
v Etc.



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