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HYDROGELl For Plantation
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Specification of HYDROGELl For Plantation

Hidrogel For Plantation

AQUAKEEPER is a water-retaining fluid that can synergize with the land use or other media as well as fertilizers, absorbing and memyimpan of water and nutrient in large numbers. Unlike other products, the AQUAKEEPER is not soluble in water but he just absorbs and releases water and nutrient is proportional at the time needed by plants, thus a plant will always have a supply of water and nutrient at any time because the AQUAKEEPER function to absorb and melefit (absorption – release cycles).


AQUAKEEPER optimizes plant growth by reducing the loss of water and nutrient through leaching and evaporation. Water and nutrient stored around the roots so it can optimize the absorption by the plant.


• Ensure the availability of water throughout the year.
• Reduce the loss of water and nutrient leaching, caused by evaporation, and also reduce the frequency of saving

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